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Scid tactics

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The main function of SCID (or most any database) is to store games. Chess engines are great for tactical positions where there is a move that. I just imported it, converted to SCID and then used it for tactical training. I think that chess hero can be used just like a tactics trainer on the web, except for. The Find Best Move feature uses specially prepared databases to help you train to find tactical shots (non-obvious and unique winning moves). Scid will initially.

Hey betterchessers. Here is a 30 min video I made for you guys. 3DgWqCnR4 Topics include * how to get started with SCID, a. Tactics Practice (java enabled on-line tactics exercises) SCID - Shane's Chess Information Database allows you to play against your computer or search and. Scid vs PC documentation maybe is clearer But documentation is actually poor, I discovered this.

A computer will be able to tell you tactics you missed and will allow you to . Google "Scid vs Mac" I learn tactics by seeing them played out.